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Born : Dublin

Influences : Punk D.I.Y. attitude, Patti Smith, Picasso, Don McCullin, Fergus Bourke, Robert Frank, Chris Killip, Billie Holiday, Martin Scorsese, Julien Temple, Jack Kerouac, Rosa Parks, The Clash ...

Mantra : Visual Art must capture those moments in life, that words can not describe .

History : Inspired by the colour and DIY attitude of Punk, in the grey Dublin of the early 80s, fell in love with film photography and took off travelling the globe. Fully self taught , I eked a living, working in bands, restaurants , building sites , before returning to Dublin to settle down. The love affair with the lens got re-awakened around 2005, after re-training in photography and the purchase of a new Olympus camera, along with my new set of mature eyes.

Throughout 2006 and 2007, I charted the daily lives of ordinary Dubliners, in their home environment - from Inner city Dublin to Ballymun and beyond. Capturing real Dub's doing what they do - be it happy, sad, mischievous, angry or just amorous. Making the ordinary look special, while retaining the very soul of it's people ... 2007 was a dramatic year in Irish life - the peak of the Celtic Tiger, before it's dramatic collapse and bankruptcy in 2008, and on to the strange day's of today.

I have since divirsifed myself beyond Dublin, documenting life from Limerick to Belfast, sailing on into the Albion, then zigzagging my way across America by Greyhound and on into Africa and Asia, looking for the wonders of the world, in the very ordinary (Without people your nothing, thats my spiel - J. Strummer)

2008 Won the TG4 Soiscéal Pháraic "Irish photographer of the 21st Century"

2020 Selected for the Royal Hibernian Academy 190th Annual Exhibition RHA Gallery, Dublin

2012 Selected for the Rua Red Winter Open Show Rua Red Gallery, Dublin

My debut documentary, a co-production with RTE, broadcast November 2012 - based on the wonder and courage of the human Spirit - Willie Casey in particular Big Bang Willie Casey

My Documentary of a Dublin Exhibition, on Irish artist - Tom Byrne :- Saints & Scholars - An Exhibition

Short Documentary on me and the Custom House gang :- Barry and the Custom House gang

Limited edition Dublin book Stars and Souls of the Liffey     (published by Hi Tone books is now Sold out)

32 images from a decade shooting inner city Dublin     (2006 - 2016)


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